Let The Chalking Begin!

This lovely questionnaire of ours has been up for just a week, and we have already gotten excellent feedback from you!  To all who have responded so far – thank you so much for taking the time to be a part of this project.  To everyone else – we cannot wait to hear what you have to say. Please take our questionnaire and share your thoughts!


While we watch the responses stream in, we will be chalking… EVERYDAY. Yes, starting now, CWM will have a brand new chalk-filled post every single day!

Through the week, we will share something relevant to the project and its development. We also want to encourage a lot of chalking in new places and spaces. We are going to talk about what that means, and about our own personal stories, ideas, and hopes for the project, while keeping you posted on CWM goings on.

We are curious about how issues around language, communication and social justice are taken up using various art forms. We also want to look at chalk used in different ways. So, once a week, we will share music, videos, photographs, or anything else we find related to the chalking that’s being done in interesting ways.

Do you like street chalk? We hope so, because there is a good chance you will need it for our weekly challenge! You will not be alone; we will be chalking somewhere new every week 😀

Chalk itself deserves some attention as well. So, one day a week, we will spend a bit of time getting to know it a little better.

You will find updates on all of this on our website, Facebook page and Twitter.

Let’s get this chalk on the road!

One thought on “Let The Chalking Begin!

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