Chalk with S: Notebook Scribbles Revisited In Chalk

Today, I thought I would try my chalk dusty hand at chalk versions of the most recurrent doodles that appeared in my notebooks throughout my school years.


Peacock and the moon


The tree I could see from my literature class


Based on our dog, Amber 🙂


The most popular – the rose

There is something about the simplicity of chalk that facilitates expression for me. I have realised this over the past couple of weeks, while using chalk to write and draw for CWM. One thing I had never considered for myself was using chalk in art. In my mind, its use had been limited to the confines of the wooden edges of a classroom blackboard. Chalk dust, chalk smudges; all of these lend a very real idea of impermanence to work done in chalk.

But, I am now finding those very challenges appealing in drawing with chalk. It is frustrating, to feel the carefully placed, for the most part, chalk lines get smudged as you reach for other areas of the drawing. There is a lot of retracing, and attention on what to emphasise, in my experience. I am now really enjoying the process, and find the constant tweaking to be an excellent way to focus on what I am doing or learning.


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