Chalk With S: Meet My Word Best Friend

Recalibrate: my word equivalent to a best friend.

With its mathematical, scientific, technical leanings, and my love of the abstract, we may seem an unlikely pair to those for whom these things do not intersect. Still, we are in touch every day, and I turn to it with all my confusions.

Correctable Compass

Recalibration:  a second, subsequent or corrected calibration.
Calibrate: to determine, check, or rectify the graduation of any instrument giving quantitative measurements.

I picture a compass when I employ a visual for the word. I think of recalibrating as the ongoing process of tweaking your means of navigating the world. It comes to my aid when I need to change plans, adapt to unexpected situations, and adjust to new knowledge.

When things do not work out as planned, I recalibrate.
When new obstacles cause me immense anxiety, I recalibrate.
When I learn something that points to my incorrect assumptions and destructive ideas, I recalibrate.

It is the single most hopeful and useful image I can come up with for myself for moving through my life. It points to the changing nature of knowledge, and the need to constantly take new factors into consideration. It is forgiving, and allows for meandering. It demands the acceptance of mistakes and forces the confrontation of false notions, in exchange for a better idea of direction. I love the word and am very attached to how I visualise it. If I ever write a book on absolutely anything, I might title it ‘Recalibrate’. If I ever paint a picture of my life, I might title it ‘Recalibrate’ as well.

My relationship with Chalk With Me, is one of happy recalibration; chalk smudges, corrections, learning, unlearning, relearning, always moving.


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