Extra! Extra! Chalk All About It!

We have some exciting news! We have been accepted to chalk at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival next weekend, Sep 14-15 😀

We sent in our proposal, and will be chalking in 8′ X 10′ space somewhere between Government Street and Centennial Square in Victoria, BC. We can’t wait to see all the exciting chalking happening, and talk to artists and spectators alike. On Wednesday, we will show you a sneak peak of our planned artwork.

Our piece will present an isolated idea who hitches  a ride with a word. Language mobilizes ideas and creates movement. We hope to tell this story on the sidewalk for all to see.

Happy International LIteracy Day!

Happy International Literacy Day!

Today is International Literacy Day, and we want to celebrate language and the possibilities it creates. Literacy is achieved through the sharing of words and ideas. Chalk With Me is all about sharing language and finding new ways to express ideas, learn and teach. Take part in this celebration of literacy by taking our online questionnaire on language and word use 🙂

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