Chalking With H: Bridging Bubbles

Sometimes I think of communities like little pockets, or bubbles, floating in space, independent from each other, drifting in different directions. People seek out their bubble and live among their fellow bubble dwellers in a safety net of ‘sameness’. Their likes and dislikes, subcultures, words and language mirrored in other bubbles but not shared deliberately with the other communities.


Ideas, words, and beliefs trapped, enclosed, sealed. Words one community uses regularly are foreign to other communities even within the same city. Words and ideas spoken by individuals of each community bounce around inside these bubbles but are not released or shared or transported across bridges to other bubble communities. At least, not enough.

But imagine if they were…

There are so many benefits to bridging communities and sharing that particular community’s strengths, beliefs, words and ideas with other communities and the outside world.


Being a part of a community with a whole bunch of like-minded people is great, it is warm and fuzzy and comforting, but expanding our communities and creating bridges between communities so that difference, diversity can be celebrated and utilized to gain insight, to exchange knowledge, and share language and ideas… well, bridging bubbles is what will have the greatest impact on our shared existence and our collective future.

At least, I think so…

What do you think?

Take our online questionnaire about language and word-use and let us know what you think about sharing vocabulary and bridging communities!



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