CWM goes to Word Vancouver

Have you taken the CWM Questionnaire yet? 🙂

This weekend, we checked out Word Vancouver as planned. We had hope to chalk outside the Vancouver Public Library, one of the primary locations for the festival, about words and the accessibility of language . But, the weather had other ideas for us. Because of the rain, we asked the VPL if we could chalk in a covered space close to the building. Unfortunately, the space was not available to us at this time, but the manager was interested in our project and sees potential for us to use VPL spaces in the future! Yay!

Too much rain!

Too much rain!

We are still hoping to bring our chalk piece to the streets soon, so keep an eye out for it!

Instead of chalking, we went to one of the free workshops put on by Word Vancouver. It was called ‘Creating Content For Social Sharing’ and it was run by Lisa Manfield, an editor of BC Living. She teaches Writing and Editing for the Web at Simon Fraser University, and she taught us a few things, too. We will use some of this for our project, so look for new and exciting changes and updates!

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