Chalk Fact #7

We are not the only ones who have been interrupted from chalking by wet weather!

Just a few months ago in July 2013 a passionate group of volunteers in West Haven, Connecticut attempted to break the world record for Largest Chalk Pavement Art with their project Chalkville! They even had funding for the project from the Awesome Foundation!


‘They had an army of volunteers, countless sticks  of colorful chalk, a football-field-sized design, refreshments,  cameras, clean-up supplies and a fighting spirit.

But, those  attempting to break the world record for the largest chalk drawing had only one important ingredient missing: dry weather.’ – writes Susan Misur for the Middletown Press 

The project Chalkville team stayed determined and chalked on and off whenever the weather would allow, but a sudden downpour on Sunday evening washed away all of their hard work!  So unfortunately they were not able to achieve their goal and set the next world record… maybe they’ll give it another go next year?!

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