Chalk With S: Dancing in the Dark

I enjoy sitting in the dark, watching light and sound do very fascinating things as they tell a story, let me project onto it my story, and make me wonder about the other stories floating around in the audience. Stories meet stories, and create new stories. Stories, stories, stories. Words, ideas, words. All dancing in the dark.

S at the VIFF

S at the VIFF

I am getting a little too used to the Vancouver International Film Festival being on. Only four more days left! I just know I am going to feel its absence after Oct 11th.

The whole experience has been a festival of ideas for me. I can say that each film I have watched so far has given me a lot to think about. It has been like being back in my Film Studies classes, which I would happily return to anytime.

A crucial part of the experience for me is discussing the film in question, and exchanging ideas with other people. I found that necessary today in particular, when I watched Michael Trabitzsch’s Max Beckmann: Departure (Austria, Germany, 2013). From the first few shots, I knew I would have a thought or two to voice. Very early into it, I was lost in the life of the artist, Max Beckmann. The film is packed with intense moments that left me struggling to find the words to express what it is about it that I find so striking. The friend I went with had her own reasons for finding it captivating, and through our conversation, I was able to express and organise my thoughts. I hope this did the same for her.

This is why sharing thoughts can be a great thing! I really think that each of us has a few words that someone else could be looking for, and could need to express a thought or get across an important idea. Share your words, so we can open up vocabulary, make more words reachable, and get a variety of ideas across.
Take the  CWM Questionnaire to share the stories on stories, making other stories that trade stories  to find stories dancing with other stories till they are all part of the story.

S 🙂

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