Chalking With H: Chalk Laws

For the last three days I have been on a short holiday in Portland Oregon!Image

I brought a few sticks of chalk along for the trip because I thought, hey, I might want to do some chalking in the city of Roses! But it never occurred to me to look up the graffiti or ‘chalk’ laws. However, yesterday, as I was chalking the word ‘explore’ (in very water-soluble/washable chalk I might add), some guy rode past me on a bicycle and said “you’re crazy, lady!”

ImageI figured, he just thought it was a little unusual for a grown women to be using large, colourful sidewalk chalks on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Portland. But today, I was flipping through a Portland newspaper and it was crediting the city’s dedicated clean up team that gets rid of all the city’s graffiti, and I thought, oh no, what if, Portland is one of those places that still considers chalk art, graffiti…

I did what any curious, concerned individual would do, I Googled it.

Here are a couple of links to what I found

“Portland sues Jobdango over sidewalk chalk graffiti”

‘Guilty or Not Guilty of CHALK vandalism’

I am hoping that since my chalk message yesterday was washable and was neither promoting nor protesting anything or anyone, it is okay, and legal?? Still unsure on the matter…

So I advise all of you, look up the chalk laws of your country, state, province, or territory! Chalk art is still illegal in some places, but never on private property (at least as long as you know the person who owns it!)

Chalk with you soon,


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