Chalk Knows No Age

See a chalk face you know?

We have been getting a lot of comments on how Chalk With Me is a perfect project for kids. Our chalk pictures appeal to children, who seem to also understand and enjoy the concept of sharing ideas through chalk. Because of this, we have been thinking of creating content, events and workshops specifically designed for kids.

Chalk Knows No Age

Chalk Knows No Age

However, we also want to encourage adults to join in the chalking and talking. Our planned publication will be directed towards a more mature audience as we are looking to use and define more complex language on the topic of equality and anti-oppression.

From our conversations with people, we found that people associate chalk and chalk drawings with childhood. It is more common to incorporate pictures as learning tools for children than for adults. But why does fun, creative learning have to end with childhood? No matter how complex or sophisticated the language or subject matter, we believe we can all benefit from the visual representation of words and concepts.

Chalk: Rated G

Chalk: Rated G

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