Chalk With S: It Wasn’t Me, It Was The Words

Do you find words? Do words find you?

Sometimes learning feels like a scavenger hunt to me. It can be competitive, with the promise of reward, with many discoveries and challenges along the way. Whether that is a specific skill or a subject you are hoping to learn more about, many clues and findings serve as guides, marking stages of the learning process.

‘Discovery’ is an exciting word. It sounds earned, worked for and rewarding. While this a fun way to think of learning, I think it is also important to credit the people and situations we learn from. Here are a few of those that teach me the most:

How I know the stuff I know

How I know the stuff I know

How we know what we know is specific to our individual experience of the world, in my view. Some may share more of this with us, some less.  With this in mind, it is easier to see that the knowledge we possess is not the same as what other people have, and vice versa. It can make us more understanding, and less willing to exclude people from conversations based on what they know. It can encourage us to ask questions without feeling like we are somehow inadequate on the basis of what we do not know. It is just a question of what you encountered, the skills you learnt that help you deal with different situations, and ideas that inspired you to seek certain information, experiences and  gain more wonderful knowledge!

This is not to say that being proactive is not important. Since we each have different knowledge, it is important to get on with this business of sharing it, if we are to offer each other new things to learn. Learn more, share more, chalk more! Try to map out where you get your information from. I am certain you are on a few such maps, too 🙂 I would love to hear about sources that are not on mine!

I think I find some words… but I know most find me.



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