Chalking with H: SPOOKY WORDS!

For FUN, here is my own Halloween themed chalking for you!


black cat


Purple Cat

Which cat is spookier?

Which cat is cuter?

These questions are open to interpretation and are highly ‘SUBJECTIVE’

Which is a word I was afraid to use when I was young! When I first learned the words: objective and subjective I remember always getting them mixed up to the point I was anxious whenever I needed to use one or the other.

They became my SPOOKY words

Now I love both of these words very much, and have a whole new list of spoOoOoOoOoKy wOrds! I think quite often words and language that challenge you in the beginning become special to you, and become words that you really like to use later on.

So because it is Halloween and all, why not share your SPOOKY WORDS with us?


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