Chalk Up A Celebration!

Chalk inside? Chalk outside?

Did you see us trick or treating at Granville Island last weekend? If not, check this out!

Through Chalk With Me, we have discovered how much we love chalking outside. More importantly, how much we love to chalk a specific message.

Our chalk work at Granville Island addressed the issue of choosing respectful costumes for Halloween. Since it was the weekend before Halloween, people around us were gearing up and getting their costumes sorted out. It was our most interactive chalking experience outside the Victoria Chalk Art Festival in September. Kids and adults stopped to consider the image, the words, the costumes and the candy. What was even better was the fact that they asked us about it. They wanted to know what we were up to, because it looked fun and festive. More people seemed to relate to this particular drawing, because it was relevant to what they were doing that week.

So much to celebrate!

So much to celebrate!

Before this, our chalk art was mostly about the act of sharing ideas and vocabulary related to equality and social justice. Because this specific drawing was well received, we now want to celebrate more such days and occasions that are important to people, while inviting them to consider and question certain aspects of those celebrations. Through these messages, we hope to spread positive ideas that could help improve day-to-day interactions and experiences for everyone.

Next weekend, we will be chalking for Remembrance Day!


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