Chalking With H: Art as Activism

How would you define the word ‘Activism’ ?

Would you call yourself an Activist?

Why… or Why Not??

To me, activism is any deliberate, conscious act to make an impact or a difference in the world…


I don’t think you have to start your own world peace campaign or go to a hundred protests to call yourself an activist! If you fight for things, or even just stand for things (write about them, draw about them, speak about them, sing about them) things that you care about and believe in, that’s activism.

Through Chalk With Me, we are doing activism through art. Spreading messages of social justice and equality through CHALK, and you can too! It may seem insignificant, like the work and/or art you are doing is a small as a tiny spec of chalk, a raindrop, but with a hundred other raindrops think of the impact we can have.

Everyone that stops to look at your art, your chalk message, will consider it, be impacted by it in some way or another.

Change is possible with every stick of chalk. 🙂

Think about it!


3 thoughts on “Chalking With H: Art as Activism

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  2. I’m from Louisiana and am going to start “chalking” the streets up with information on various topics that the mainstream new refuses to share with the country. If you could give me any tips or pointers, or clarify my right to write on the ground with chalk, I would really appreciate that. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi, Claire! We are so happy to hear that you’re going to be a chalktivist!
      To start with:
      1. Look up current chalk laws in your area before you get started. They vary from place to place, and there could be certain parts of town that permit it.
      2. Always ask before you chalk 🙂 If you plan to chalk outside a building, even a public library, it is best to consult with someone who works there, and even make a call a day or two earlier.
      3. Choose soft, sidewalk chalk to start with. It is easy to work with, and can wash off easily, so no one is worried about lasting colour.
      4. Email us at, and we can discuss this further!
      Please keep us posted on your chalking, and send us pictures so we can share them! Thanks! 🙂

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