Money Chalks!

Chalk for thought

Last week, when we were chalking a giant poem, a lady asked us if we were taking donations. At first, our response was, “no, we are just doing this to raise awareness and spread messages of social justice”. But she was persistent, and insisted that we take the money even if just to go buy ourselves a cuppa tea. As we accepted the money, we decided it would definitely help us out for buying chalk for our future chalking endeavours. She gave us this…

$2.80 - our first chalk donation!

$2.80 – our first chalk donation!

Chalking as much as we do can get a wee bit pricey! So, if you see us chalking and want to donate to our chalk fund, we won’t say no this time 🙂
If you would like to donate money, chalk or other supplies to us, send us an email at and we can talk about it!

To the thoughtful lady who made our night – thank you for our first donation, and making us realise we could use a little help to spread the chalktivism!


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