Chalking with H: Where I’ve Wandered to Wonder

What do you wonder about?

Where have you wandered to wonder?

Travelling and living in different places can really open up your mind to new ideas, words, cultures, and languages.

I haven’t done that much travelling yet, but I hope to do much, much more. Each place I have visited has given me new things to think about, and each city that I have lived has sparked new interests and given me new ideas to ponder. Different countries and different cities have different issues, diverse things to wonder about, question, and fight for.


The Yukon

Growing up the Yukon gave me a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors. I care about the environment and I don’t just want to sit back and watch while we destroy the Earth.


Vancouver, BC

Despite science world’s completely heteronormative sexuality exhibit earlier this year, living in Vancouver and taking Women’s and Gender Studies at UBC has really opened my mind to a spectrum of gender and sexuality. I was always passionate about ‘LGB’  issues, but now I am more aware and concerned with all the other letters and identities that get ignored- LGBTTQQIPA etc.


Queensland, Australia

Spending a year in Australia got me thinking A LOT about white privilege,  colonialism, and ‘belonging’. As a white Canadian tourist I was invited to participate in conversations regularly that really disturbed me and made me wonder about systemic racism, not just in Australia but back home too and in all white settler countries…

How do you think the places you have visited and/or lived in affect what you care about, and what you fight for?

Care to share?! Chalk about it! And feel free to message us on Facebook or Twitter or email us at




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