Chalk Fact #16

Have you ever wondered what chalk tastes like? Been so curious that you just put it right in your mouth? Or wiped it on your teeth?

om nom nom, chalk!

I bet you have… and you just didn’t know it!

Because, many toothpastes contains CHALK! Or at least, they contain a very similar compound that is just a little more refined…


Abrasives provide the cleaning power in toothpastes. They give toothpaste a slightly gritty texture designed to polish teeth and remove plaque, food remnants, and stains.

The most commonly used abrasives are hydrated silica, calcium carbonate, aluminum oxides, and various phosphates of calcium, or aluminum. Calcium carbonate is the compound of which chalk is made… so technically you have probably put chalk in your mouth!

hehehe, oh the things you can learn on the internet! Where else do you get your facts?!

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