The Chalk Of The Town: Search/Khoj

The Chalk Of The Town this week comes to you from Pune, India. It is the word ‘search’, translated written both in English and Hindi by Sumera Deane.

Search written in English and Hindi

‘Search’ written in English and Hindi

Sumera Deane is currently an intern working for Teach For India (TFI) and took Chalk With Me with her to class this week. She asked the class what their favourite words were, and got everyone thinking about different words. This write up comes from her:

“The school is called Ahilyabai Holkar School. It is run by the PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) for mostly the children of the police. They come from villages around the area like Sus Gaon, Baner Gaon and Aundh. They come from violent and poor backgrounds. Teach For India has four fellows who are working towards giving these children a sound education that does not just help them pass exams, but also helps make them well-rounded people, while emphasising the value of education. They focus on learning their own languages and English in order to participate on a global scale.

They do have uniforms. However, the children who come from very poor families have safety pins for buttons, shoes with holes and trousers two inches above their ankles. It’s all very sad to see, but most of them want to be educated and so they put aside these difficulties. They are happy here. The school follows a very old style of teaching, and the TFI fellows are slowly changing that.
Today, I was the judge for an elocution competition and I listened to a girl who had to speak about domestic violence. She talked about how the money men earn goes to alcohol and cigarettes. These men then they come back home to beat their wives and daughters. Also, when they don’t have money to indulge in these habits, they resort to violence. “Going out to work is a man’s job” – this is what the men say to the women. She also talked about how education will help make girls realise their power in society and help them earn income so as to provide their families with the basic necessities, instead of seeing all the money spent on alcohol and cigarettes.”
Thanks for chalking and sharing, Sumera! CWM is happy to be a part of your class work for TFI 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Chalk Of The Town: Search/Khoj

  1. Excellent Work Sumera and CWM! It’s so important to spread the word and get people from all walks of life chalking! 🙂

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