Chalking with H: Virtual Chalking

The other day I when I was chalking outdoors, I had a great conversation with a passerby about getting outside and doing stuff OFF screen which in this day and age is reeeaaaally important and far too rare, (you can read more about that here: if you like) anyway chalking is such a great activity for that, for interacting with the REAL world and taking a break from the virtual world. But unfortunately this week I have been soo busy with everything that I haven’t had any time to actually chalk! And I sure have had a lot of screen time. I have been on my laptop reading, writing and sending emails all week! As well as attending events, interviewing subjects, and writing reviews and articles for Vancouver Weekly and working two jobs! While commuting to and from jobs, I’ve been passing the time on yet ANOTHER screen (my smartphone) and having a little bit of fun with my favourite app (Bitstrips). For those of you who don’t know, it is a trendy little app on which you can create cartoon versions of everyone you know and capture bits of your life on virtual comic strips! So I thought I’d share with you the story of Chalk with Me, via Bitstrips.

chalkwithmeHIGHFIVEbitstripsH&Sbitstripsbrainstormchalkwithmebitstripscreating chalkwith me



And then…

this next one never really happened (but we both have done a lot of cool chalking :P)


We even did some chalking at Victoria’s international chalk art festival! How awesome is that?!

heidi & shiphrah

And now we continue our chalking adventures from a far…


Hope you enjoyed my ‘virtual chalking’ this week 🙂

Until next time,



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