Three Things To Wonder About

What new ideas have you found in new places?

Going someplace new can mean new ideas and perceptions. When we plan a trip somewhere, we put together an image of what the place is. This could involve stereotypes and generalisations about culture, for example.

We would like to suggest three things to think and ask yourself about:

  1. Consider your existing perceptions and expectations of a new place. How do you imagine the people to be, live, interact with you? How do you expect the place to function, its infrastructure to be, what you will find there
  2. When you get there, look to see how much the reality differs.  To what extent were you right? Gaining a new, in-person understanding of a place is a great learning experience. 
  3. Look for diversity within the new place, not just in comparison to your point of reference. Try to go beyond the too general image of the place, and instead look for how lives within it differ from one another. Areas within the place are different. There is complexity and diversity to be found, which a single, general image cannot represent.
Look beyond the image you had in mind - so many colours to be found!

Look beyond the image you had in mind – so many colours to be found!

There are many more things to consider, and we are sure you have a few ideas of your own to share with us. What do you think we should look for or think about when going to a new place?

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