Chalk With S: A Different Kind Of Souvenir

What matters to you? What matters to other people?

I am in Diani, Kenya at the moment, thinking of all the things I brought here with me. When I travel, I take a lot more with me than just the stuff in my suitcase. Ideas about the place I am going to, what I imagine life to be there, and many other thoughts. I’m sure this is true for you, too. This weekend, we suggested three things to consider while wandering and wondering. Today, I am thinking of another preconception to ask yourself about: what issues or concerns matter?

Thinking of different souvenirs by the beach Diani, Kenya

Thinking of different souvenirs by the beach
Diani, Kenya

I think we all have a sense of things that matter, in terms of social justice, human rights, animal rights, and so on. This is something you can take with you on your travels, as you encounter new places. You may be surprised by how the attention given to some issues varies, in comparison to where you come from. While it is important to note this, and make suggestions, I do not think limiting it to one-way flow of ideas is a good idea. It is also crucial to consider the issues that the people who live there are concerned about. What can we learn from these?

For example, whenever I am in Kenya, I think more about animal rights issues than I do anywhere else. This offers me some fresh perspective, and points to things I should thing about in other places, too. I can then go back to India and Canada (my other homes at the moment), and think about these issues are being addressed there. It’s something I can take back with me and keep; a different kind of souvenir 🙂



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