The Chalk of the Town: HandMeDown Sneakers

Hand-me-down Sneakers from our ‘Put Yourself in Someone Else’s…” piece, chalked at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival 2014!

Hand-me-down sneakers

Hand-me-down sneakers

Remember the other pair we chalked in Vancouver? Check it out here!
This was the text we chalked with that pair:

It’s Not Because I’m Lazy. It’s Because…


“I face multiple employment  barriers.”

“I was born into poverty.”

“I don’t have an address to put on my resume”

“They want a phone number to contact me, but I don’t have one.”

“I don’t own proper interview attire.”

“Nobody will give me a chance.”

“I don’t have the money to buy makeup.”

“People judge me for the way I look.”

“There is not enough affordable housing in THIS city.”

“I am not able to get the treatment I need.”

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