Look Who’s Chalking: WiseTwo, Kenyan Street Artist

The Nairobi-based Street Artist, WiseTwo, is involved in various art projects in Kenya and abroad. With social activism as a strong focus, his art often portrays imagery and messages related to human rights.

Here is his interview with Sarah Kerr of WITNESS, where he discusses ‘Street Art, Video and Social Change’. He talks about how street art can be used as a tool for change, and discusses the intersection of social action, street art and video advocacy. Check it out!

What would you chalk about through non-violent political activism?

“To me, this kind of action is a form of non-violent political activism” – WiseTwo

Chalk With S: Seat Belt Conversations

What do you tell people you meet on planes?

Travelling by myself means fewer conversations and more listening to the people around me (when I don’t have my headphones on). On my flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt on Friday, I decided to pay attention to the questions strangers asked each other while confined by seat belts for almost half a day. Culture and family seemed to be the top two topics.

Seat Belt Conversations

Seat Belt Conversations

I heard people narrate very personal issues, related to why they were travelling. I know I have had excellent conversations with people, who have given me useful input and fresh perspective in a very short amount of time. Perhaps it is the shared mission of getting from point A-B that lends the sense of having something in common with a stranger on the plane. “Why are you going to place B?” seems to be a kind of shared curiosity.

That shared curiosity combined with a shared destination is what appears to drive the conversation, and allows people to learn about lives different or very similar to their own. I think this could apply to learning processes in general, when information is shared and people work together towards a common goal.

I also noticed that many assumptions about culture surfaced in that space. The kinds of questions people asked each other were telling of their perceptions of what other people’s lives were.

How do you introduce yourself? What kinds of questions do you ask people you meet on a plane, or similar situations?



Look Who’s Chalking: Jewish Book Festival

This starts today, Nov 23rd, and runs until Nov 28th.
But before you head out, take a couple of mins to complete our online questionnaire 🙂

The Cherie Smith JCC Jewish Book Festival is one of Vancouver’s leading cultural and literary events, attracting a large and varied audience of over 5,000 people of all ages. This highly popular community-wide event brings together prominent and emerging Jewish writers and non-Jewish writers with Jewish interest subject matter in literature, the arts, philosophy, theology, history and current events to speak during this week-long literary experience. Each year programs are selected from the following areas:


Look Who’s Chalking: literASIAN Writing Festival

literASIAN is a writing festival that promotes awareness of Asian Canadian literature, history, and culture. It is put on by the Vancouver Asian Writers’ Workshop (ACWW) which provides a supportive and culturally sensitive environment for members from a common Pacific Rim Asian Canadian heritage.

Check out some of their awesome workshops from November 21-24, 2013.

But before you do that, take our online questionnaire on words and social justice!

Chalk Fact #12

What do YOU do with chalk?

Chalk can be used for it’s properties as a base! In agriculture, chalk is used for raising PH levels in soils with high acidity.


Look Who’s Chalking: Vancouver International Writers Festival

Can you strike up a conversation?

Coming up this week: the Vancouver International Writers Festival!
Another great event that gets people sharing ideas and starting conversations.

On from 22-27 Oct, authors, poets, spoken word performers, and graphic novelists will be sharing their stories on Granville Island. And you know what we do when there’s an exciting event in town: we chalk. We will be on the lookout for some chalking space at the event, so we can join and encourage the celebration of stories!
Stop by, say hi 🙂

Quill you chalk with us?

Quill you chalk with us?

Look Who’s Chalking: Chalk the Walks Project

Do you like chalk?Image

We discovered another project, Chalk the Walks, that wants to get everyone chalking and sharing ideas through chalk.

Here is how they describe their project:

“Chalk the Walks (a project of The Joy Team) is all about spreading joy, optimism and inspiration through the magical power of sidewalk chalk.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d draw pictures and write happy thoughts with chalk in your driveway and down the sidewalks of your  street? And the adults always smiled when they read the big, pastel-colored messages? This is just like that. Only we’re bigger now. And we don’t have to go in the house when the street lights go out.

The idea is as simple as it was in childhood: write happy messages, have fun doing it, spread some joy while you’re at it.”

Chalk With S: Dancing in the Dark

I enjoy sitting in the dark, watching light and sound do very fascinating things as they tell a story, let me project onto it my story, and make me wonder about the other stories floating around in the audience. Stories meet stories, and create new stories. Stories, stories, stories. Words, ideas, words. All dancing in the dark.

S at the VIFF

S at the VIFF

I am getting a little too used to the Vancouver International Film Festival being on. Only four more days left! I just know I am going to feel its absence after Oct 11th.

The whole experience has been a festival of ideas for me. I can say that each film I have watched so far has given me a lot to think about. It has been like being back in my Film Studies classes, which I would happily return to anytime.

A crucial part of the experience for me is discussing the film in question, and exchanging ideas with other people. I found that necessary today in particular, when I watched Michael Trabitzsch’s Max Beckmann: Departure (Austria, Germany, 2013). From the first few shots, I knew I would have a thought or two to voice. Very early into it, I was lost in the life of the artist, Max Beckmann. The film is packed with intense moments that left me struggling to find the words to express what it is about it that I find so striking. The friend I went with had her own reasons for finding it captivating, and through our conversation, I was able to express and organise my thoughts. I hope this did the same for her.

This is why sharing thoughts can be a great thing! I really think that each of us has a few words that someone else could be looking for, and could need to express a thought or get across an important idea. Share your words, so we can open up vocabulary, make more words reachable, and get a variety of ideas across.
Take the  CWM Questionnaire to share the stories on stories, making other stories that trade stories  to find stories dancing with other stories till they are all part of the story.

S 🙂

Look Who’s Chalking: The Vancouver International Film Festival

Here at Chalk With Me, we are all about sharing language, ideas, and art!!!


We think film (like chalk) is another excellent medium for sharing ideas, knowledge, and creative expression…

Which is why we are excited to say we will be attending quite a few different screenings at the Vancouver International Film Festival this week!

And you should too!! (If you live in Vancouver, and/or are visiting this week). VIFF runs until October 11, 2013.

Don’t like the look of these options? Take a look at the whole VIFF festival guide.

Happy movie watching everyone!

And if you feel so inclined, email us your VIFF movie suggestions, and your thoughts on Chalk With Me, questions, feedback on the questionnaire etc. to chalkwithme@gmail.com

Look Who’s Chalking: Automated Poetry Project

The Automated Poetry Project has to be one of the coolest things at Word Vancouver. There are poetry dispensing machines that can be found around town.


You can give the machine $2.00, and it will send out a little poem in a bubble.


This is what we got:

Blame - Poem at word fest

Check it out, and let us know what poetry you find!


Please share your ideas with us here: CWM Questionnaire :)