The Chalk of the Town: Rainbow Shoes


Rainbow Shoes

Rainbow Shoes

When did you come out?

When did you come out?


When did you come out?


“Every time I meet someone new.”

“Every job I have.”

“I wanted to, but couldn’t.”

“I was outed without my consent.”

“I’m straight so I didn’t have to.”

The Chalk of the Town: Maasai Sandals

Maasai Sandals, David Lam Park

Maasai Sandals, David Lam Park

Maasai Sandals

Maasai Sandals


”I think people need to understand the culture of the others and respect it. You should not use it to your own benefit, leaving the community – or the owner of the culture – without anything. If you just take what belongs to somebody, and go and display it and have your fortune, then it is very wrong.”
– Isaac ole Tialolo, a Maasai elder leader and chair of the Maasai Intellectual Property Initiative. In conversation with the BBC, he expressed his discontent with organizations that currently sell his culture as a brand.

It is estimated that over 10,000 companies all over the world may be using the Maasai name in their products.
The top 6 of these each have gained over $100,000 in sales over the last ten years, using the Maasai name or aspects of their culture.
“Not a cent of these profits went to the originators of the culture themselves.”

Source: ‘Commoditizing a Culture: The Negative Effects of Branding on Minority Groups’. Business Today, 06.Jul.2014

Chalky Definitions: Classism



“Prejudice against or in favour of people belonging to a particular social class.” – CWM

The Chalk of the Town: Work Boots

Kicking off our summer series, are these pair of shoes we left at Granville Loop Park:

Work Boots

Work Boots, Granville Loop Park

More details on their way!

Chalk Challenge, Week 21

If you won a trip that included transportation, how would you like to start that adventure? By train, car, bus, boat, hot air balloon, helicopter, dragon …?
this is your dream scenario… ready, get set, chalk it!

Would you fly away on a dragon?

Would you fly away on a dragon?


Chalk your dream mode of transport for your adventures and explorations, and share it on our Facebook page, or on our twitter, or email it to us at


The Chalk Of The Town: Journey/Safari

Chalk With Me worked its magic in Kenya this week!
We are thinking about the concept of a Journey, or ‘Safari’ in Swahili, and the steps that lead us to new ideas.

Journey/Safari. Diani, Kenya.

Diani, Kenya.

What kind of journey do you feel like you are you on?
Have you taken steps that have taken you to new ideas, different places, unexpected insight?
Each of these may have added to your collection of interesting thoughts. Tell us about them!
We would love to know about these steps, and how they led you to things you have discovered.

Tell us about the steps that have led you to new ideas

Steps on steps

Look Who’s Chalking: WiseTwo, Kenyan Street Artist

The Nairobi-based Street Artist, WiseTwo, is involved in various art projects in Kenya and abroad. With social activism as a strong focus, his art often portrays imagery and messages related to human rights.

Here is his interview with Sarah Kerr of WITNESS, where he discusses ‘Street Art, Video and Social Change’. He talks about how street art can be used as a tool for change, and discusses the intersection of social action, street art and video advocacy. Check it out!

What would you chalk about through non-violent political activism?

“To me, this kind of action is a form of non-violent political activism” – WiseTwo

Chalk Challenge, Week 17

What days do you love celebrating?

Across the globe, there are so many different festivals, holidays and important days to mark through the year. What days are important celebration days to you? Chalk about any day you celebrate! You could write what it’s called, or draw something to represent how you celebrate it 🙂

Celebrations through the year!

Celebrations through the year!

Share your chalking with us on our Facebook page, twitter or at

Three Things To Wonder About

What new ideas have you found in new places?

Going someplace new can mean new ideas and perceptions. When we plan a trip somewhere, we put together an image of what the place is. This could involve stereotypes and generalisations about culture, for example.

We would like to suggest three things to think and ask yourself about:

  1. Consider your existing perceptions and expectations of a new place. How do you imagine the people to be, live, interact with you? How do you expect the place to function, its infrastructure to be, what you will find there
  2. When you get there, look to see how much the reality differs.  To what extent were you right? Gaining a new, in-person understanding of a place is a great learning experience. 
  3. Look for diversity within the new place, not just in comparison to your point of reference. Try to go beyond the too general image of the place, and instead look for how lives within it differ from one another. Areas within the place are different. There is complexity and diversity to be found, which a single, general image cannot represent.
Look beyond the image you had in mind - so many colours to be found!

Look beyond the image you had in mind – so many colours to be found!

There are many more things to consider, and we are sure you have a few ideas of your own to share with us. What do you think we should look for or think about when going to a new place?

Chalk Challenge, Week 15

What places need some chalk?

Chalk boldly where no chalk has chalked before…
Well, at least where you have not chalked before!

Where no chalk has gone before

Where no chalk has chalked before

Chalking on different surfaces, at new locations, at different times, can all be very interesting experiences. Try it, and let us know what you learn – share your photos on our Facebook page, or on our twitter, or email them to us at