Chalk Challenge, Week 18

What would you fill in this thought bubble?

Thought bubble filled with...?

Thought bubble filled with…?

With everything we are surrounded by, information, people’s ideas, news from around the world, things we learn about firsthand, there are some things we are drawn to or end up focussing on. What kinds of things do you think about the most? What makes it into your thought bubble?

For this week’s chalk challenge, chalk a thought bubble with or without something you think about. 

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Chalk Challenge, Week 8

Today’s chalk challenge: Chalk the word ‘share’ somewhere, preferably with a little chalk character of your own!



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CWM Questionnaire  🙂

Chalk Fact #8

This tiny ‘Fountain of Horses’ sculpture was created on a 2.7cm piece of chalk by Yuktha Moukthik from India.
How cool is that?!

CWM Chalk Facts

The magic that is chalk art… the possibilities truly seem endless!

Look at the chalk on our CWM Questionnaire 🙂 It’s kinda cool, too, we think!

Chalk With S: I’m Chalkin’ In The Rain!

I have to admit, not being able to chalk at Word Vancouver on Saturday because of the rain and the inaccessibility of covered space was a bit of a let down.  But, now, I think it will be fun and challenging to scope out chalk-friendly areas in this city so welcoming of rain. I had initially thought we would chalk when the weather was decent. Wouldn’t it be great, though, to see CWM brave the weather and continue to share ideas and words regardless of precipitation? It could lead us to find all kinds of cool, new, unexpected chalking spaces!

I'm Chalkin' In The Rain... Just Chalkin' In The Rain!

I’m Chalkin’ In The Rain… Just Chalkin’ In The Rain!

And, just for fun, here’s the song that inspired this little chalktoon!  While you listen to it, please take the CWM Questionnaire 🙂

❤ S

Look Who’s Chalking: Automated Poetry Project

The Automated Poetry Project has to be one of the coolest things at Word Vancouver. There are poetry dispensing machines that can be found around town.


You can give the machine $2.00, and it will send out a little poem in a bubble.


This is what we got:

Blame - Poem at word fest

Check it out, and let us know what poetry you find!


Please share your ideas with us here: CWM Questionnaire :)

Chalk Challenge, Week 6

This week, we’ll be taking this block from the Equality Wall we chalked in Victoria.


Chalk the word ‘community’, perhaps somewhere you feel a great sense of togetherness and connectedness with people. 

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CWM Questionnaire  🙂

Word Vancouver, We Will Be Attending!

Last weekend at the Victoria International Chalk Festival was a blast! This week, we will be chalking at Word Vancouver (formerly known as the Word on the Street).

CWM At Word Vancouver!

CWM At Word Vancouver!

The festival will be on from Sep 25 – Sep 29. Here is the schedule.

We are very excited about taking CWM to this event, because it is all about words and encouraging literacy. We would like to celebrate the importance of language use with you, so check out the festival!

Stay tuned to find out where and when we will be chalking!

CWM Questionnaire :)