Unlock That Idea

Another week has brought us some more great feedback! Every response we have received so far has been insightful, so thank you all. We are confident this week will bring us many more fantastic responses. Here is where you can share your thoughts and contribute to this project: Chalk With Me Questionnaire. Let us know what you think today! 🙂 Here is why CWM needs every single one of you:

ImageIdeas can end up trapped and restricted by unfamiliar language. Exciting, interesting, insightful, helpful thoughts can be left unexpressed because of tricky language. But, what if we just shared our words?

ImageWe think that by sharing vocabulary, ideas can find expression.
If we can help each other find and understand the words and concepts, communication can be improved. So what do we think about free ideas?

ImageWe see these free ideas running to join the conversation on equality. No matter what issues are of interest to you, there is a place for your thoughts at CWM. We’re all about opening discussions up to more people, because we strongly believe that everyone has something to contribute. A way to do this is to share vocabulary to make word use more effective and efficient.

You can share your words, and your experience with language by taking our lovely questionnaire! We also encourage you to get in touch with us via email, Facebook and Twitter 🙂