And We’re Baaack!

Did you miss us? Because, we sure missed chalking with you!

But the good news is, we are back & ready for some serious chalking: all summer long! We have our shiny new chalking permit, and are ready to spread some words, ideas, and colourful smile-inducing CHALK ART. So check back soon (and regularly) to see photos from CWM’s chalking adventures, season 2!

CWM Season 2 Begins!

CWM Season 2 Begins!

Chalk For You

We have chalked and talked a lot about why this project needs all the input it can get from you. Today, we want you to know why we think you could use a bit of chalk in your own life!

Chalk is a great way to deal with all those ideas you have floating around your mind. You could write or draw an idea you have been planning to work on, erase it, chalk over it, smudge it out, chalk over it some more. This could help you work things out – plans, thoughts, things that bother you, things you are passionate about, your dreams for yourself and hopes for things around you 🙂

Chalk to your heart's content

Chalk out all that is on your mind

Chalking in a public space (wherever legal!) is a great way to share a message. We do it every week with out ‘Chalk of The Town’ adventures, and it helps us share ideas in a non-intrusive way. You never know who might see it, and be inspired by it. It could guide someone to a fresh perspective on something, or just give someone something interesting to look at as they walk around town!

Chalk is also a great way to just get creative! Chalking can give you a fun break from all the things you have to do and worry about all day. You can doodle a bit, draw something you found interesting, or incorporate it into creative projects of your own.

Give chalk a chance, and let us know what fun places it takes you 🙂

Chalk Fact #16

Have you ever wondered what chalk tastes like? Been so curious that you just put it right in your mouth? Or wiped it on your teeth?

om nom nom, chalk!

I bet you have… and you just didn’t know it!

Because, many toothpastes contains CHALK! Or at least, they contain a very similar compound that is just a little more refined…


Abrasives provide the cleaning power in toothpastes. They give toothpaste a slightly gritty texture designed to polish teeth and remove plaque, food remnants, and stains.

The most commonly used abrasives are hydrated silica, calcium carbonate, aluminum oxides, and various phosphates of calcium, or aluminum. Calcium carbonate is the compound of which chalk is made… so technically you have probably put chalk in your mouth!

hehehe, oh the things you can learn on the internet! Where else do you get your facts?!

Chalk Challenge, Week 15

What places need some chalk?

Chalk boldly where no chalk has chalked before…
Well, at least where you have not chalked before!

Where no chalk has gone before

Where no chalk has chalked before

Chalking on different surfaces, at new locations, at different times, can all be very interesting experiences. Try it, and let us know what you learn – share your photos on our Facebook page, or on our twitter, or email them to us at

Chalk With S: Distraction/Direction

What words rhyme with “unattainable”?

Inspiration posing as diversion is something I am learning to pay attention to. When Heidi and I chalk, we find ourselves in new places, spaces, chalking constantly evolving messages on different surfaces. Sometimes, something we stumble upon fast becomes integral to our chalk work of the moment. Ideas and opportunities often whizz, whirl and cartwheel past us. We may notice them, but may not offer them fair consideration. New ways to attain goals can be missed, or dismissed as distraction.

Distractions or Direction?

Distraction or Direction?

Pausing to look at something fascinating can be more than just a moment of wonder that takes you away from what you are working on. Even if the eye-catching thing is unattainable, it could offer you ideas on a new direction to move in, a different way of operating, or just something to aim for.

Walking around outside, and coming across new chalking spaces is one of my favourite ways to go about chalktivism. It helps reach more people and places,   and challenges us to see what we can do with the ideas that present themselves to us.

How do you deal with things that you come across while working on something of interest?


Chalking with H: SPOOKY WORDS!

For FUN, here is my own Halloween themed chalking for you!


black cat


Purple Cat

Which cat is spookier?

Which cat is cuter?

These questions are open to interpretation and are highly ‘SUBJECTIVE’

Which is a word I was afraid to use when I was young! When I first learned the words: objective and subjective I remember always getting them mixed up to the point I was anxious whenever I needed to use one or the other.

They became my SPOOKY words

Now I love both of these words very much, and have a whole new list of spoOoOoOoOoKy wOrds! I think quite often words and language that challenge you in the beginning become special to you, and become words that you really like to use later on.

So because it is Halloween and all, why not share your SPOOKY WORDS with us?


Chalk Fact #11

What would you like to know?

cwm-chalkfactsAccording to the website Trevor Burkholder and five kids hold the record for the largest MONSTER drawn in CHALK.

They chalked out this giant monster on the street and it measured 147 feet long!


What are you going to chalk this Halloween? 

The Chalk of the Town: Write, Speak, Share

Vote for capes!!

A preview!

Why is this chalky one wearing a cape? Find out this weekend!

Write, Speak, Share You can find it today at Granville Island, Vancouver.

Write, Speak, Share

Enjoy the festival, everyone 🙂 Write, speak and share your words, thoughts, ideas and stories!