The Chalk of the Town: Mojaris

Mojari’s from our ‘Put Yourself in Someone Else’s…”  piece, chalked at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival 2014!



Chalk For You

We have chalked and talked a lot about why this project needs all the input it can get from you. Today, we want you to know why we think you could use a bit of chalk in your own life!

Chalk is a great way to deal with all those ideas you have floating around your mind. You could write or draw an idea you have been planning to work on, erase it, chalk over it, smudge it out, chalk over it some more. This could help you work things out – plans, thoughts, things that bother you, things you are passionate about, your dreams for yourself and hopes for things around you 🙂

Chalk to your heart's content

Chalk out all that is on your mind

Chalking in a public space (wherever legal!) is a great way to share a message. We do it every week with out ‘Chalk of The Town’ adventures, and it helps us share ideas in a non-intrusive way. You never know who might see it, and be inspired by it. It could guide someone to a fresh perspective on something, or just give someone something interesting to look at as they walk around town!

Chalk is also a great way to just get creative! Chalking can give you a fun break from all the things you have to do and worry about all day. You can doodle a bit, draw something you found interesting, or incorporate it into creative projects of your own.

Give chalk a chance, and let us know what fun places it takes you 🙂

Look Who’s Chalking: Jewish Book Festival

This starts today, Nov 23rd, and runs until Nov 28th.
But before you head out, take a couple of mins to complete our online questionnaire 🙂

The Cherie Smith JCC Jewish Book Festival is one of Vancouver’s leading cultural and literary events, attracting a large and varied audience of over 5,000 people of all ages. This highly popular community-wide event brings together prominent and emerging Jewish writers and non-Jewish writers with Jewish interest subject matter in literature, the arts, philosophy, theology, history and current events to speak during this week-long literary experience. Each year programs are selected from the following areas:


Chalk With S: Concerning Interests

Your cares, concerns and questions?

Last week, I drew this little picture about some of my sources of knowledge. I think that each of us has a unique knowledge base, that forms because of the people and situations we come across. This week, I’d like to think about how that affects the things we care about, and what we can bring to a conversation on equality.

Think about how you were first introduced to the things that are important to you. Did someone tell you about that book, movie or song you love more than any other? How did you get your job, choose the things you study, learn the skills you possess? And, how did you develop an interest in the social justice issue that concerns you the most?

Social justice and equality are concepts that are made up of so many different aspects and issues. We might know more about, or try to find more information on a few of these, depending on the interests we develop. With the knowledge we collect, we put together different sets of concerns, and each of these is essential to the conversation on equality.

Each of us has something  unique to add :)

Each of us has something unique to add 🙂

Whether you want to talk about issues around ability, age, animal rights, class, culture, education, gender, sex, identity, race, privilege, or anything else that’s going on in the world, you bring your specific knowledge and interests to the conversation, and this is important. Each of us has something to contribute, and something to introduce the people around us to.

Chalk With Me needs your unique knowledge, and wants to incorporate your concerns into this project, to get more and more ideas on equality. Heidi and I put our different sets of knowledge, concerns and ideas together on a daily basis to chalk, and I know I have learnt a lot from Heidi and this process. It can lead to fantastic things, like this bit of chalking we did over the weekend.

Share your concerns – we’ll listen 🙂


Look Who’s Chalking: Anvil Press FREE Reading Event

Do you live in Vancouver?

Perhaps you want to check out this FREE event happening THIS Monday night at the Vancouver Public Library.

The event is put on by Anvil Press and is called “Pushing the Boundaries: Women, Memoir, and the Radical Essay”


It sounds like a great place to learn, share ideas, and explore exciting language and words!

Speaking of words, have you taken our little questionnaire on WORD-USE ?! It won’t take long…


Chalking With H: How do you pick your books?

Seriously, HOW?!


A balancing act!

Even if we are not avid readers, most of us learn from books at least at some point in our lives. We are given books, books are assigned to us in school, books are recommended to us by parents or friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc. Regardless of the genre, books are wells of knowledge, information, and language we can drink from freely. But, sometimes its really hard to pick what to read.

Walking into a Chapters or other bookstores, or the local Library, or even surfing amazon can be overwhelming! There are so many books out there! You can narrow down by genre or subject, but still, there’s usually a vast array of options.

Shiphrah’s last post Chalk With S: It Wasn’t Me, It Was The Words got me thinking about this. She talks about how we are all made up of unique experiences and therefore have unique knowledges, distinct to what we have done, watched and read.

Studies have shown people are greatly impacted, changed by each story and novel they read. So what are you reading?

I’ve never been to the Vancouver International Writer’s Festival before, but last night I attended my very first event, and I discovered it is the an awesome way to find new books and authors to read. You attend an event and you hear a ten minute reading from each author, and in ten minutes, I, for one, can usually tell whether or not I want to read their book. But not only do you just get to hear an excerpt, you get to hear a little bit about the author, maybe even why they wrote the book, and where they’re coming from. For me, the positionality of the author is integral to my reading experience, so this is perfect.

By the end of the festival, I think I am going to have a giant stack of books to get through! And the best part is, they won’t just be hit or miss books, books I try to get into but just can’t do cause the flavour’s off, not my cup of tea ya know?! No, this time, I will know they are the kind of books that will trap my nose until the very last page, because the first taste, got me hooked.

So check out the Festival, it’s pure gold.


Chalk Fact #10

What’s your chalk history?


James Pillans, Headmaster of the Old High School of Edinburgh, Scotland, is widely credited for inventing the blackboard and coloured chalk which he used to teach geography.