The Chalk of the Town: Rainbow Shoes

Rainbow shoes from our ‘Put Yourself in Someone Else’s…” piece, chalked at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival 2014!

Rainbow Shoes

Rainbow Shoes

Also check out our first pair of rainbow shoes, chalked in Vancouver! Here is the accompanying text for that piece:

When did you come out?

When did you come out?

When did you come out?


“Every time I meet someone new.”

“Every job I have.”

“I wanted to, but couldn’t.”

“I was outed without my consent.”

“I’m straight so I didn’t have to.”

Chalky Definitions: Heteronormativity

20140824_150407“A cultural belief system, practices, and institutions that legitimize and privilege heterosexuality, heterosexual relationships, and traditional gender roles. It assumes these to be fundamental, “natural” and “normal” within society.” – CWM


Chalking With H: Festive Love

The chalk challenge for this week was to chalk about our favourite holiday…

Mine is Christmas!

So here is my festive chalking for the week…


1st Kiss Under the Mistletoe… ❤

All I want this holiday season is LOVE, respect, and acceptance…

Love is Love,

and Love knows no gender.

Wishing you all a few good smooches under the mistletoe too 😉


P.S. the one other thing I’d like this Christmas is for you to TAKE OUR ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE, it will just take a couple minutes!