Chalk Challenge, Week 8

Today’s chalk challenge: Chalk the word ‘share’ somewhere, preferably with a little chalk character of your own!



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Chalk With S: Dancing in the Dark

I enjoy sitting in the dark, watching light and sound do very fascinating things as they tell a story, let me project onto it my story, and make me wonder about the other stories floating around in the audience. Stories meet stories, and create new stories. Stories, stories, stories. Words, ideas, words. All dancing in the dark.

S at the VIFF

S at the VIFF

I am getting a little too used to the Vancouver International Film Festival being on. Only four more days left! I just know I am going to feel its absence after Oct 11th.

The whole experience has been a festival of ideas for me. I can say that each film I have watched so far has given me a lot to think about. It has been like being back in my Film Studies classes, which I would happily return to anytime.

A crucial part of the experience for me is discussing the film in question, and exchanging ideas with other people. I found that necessary today in particular, when I watched Michael Trabitzsch’s Max Beckmann: Departure (Austria, Germany, 2013). From the first few shots, I knew I would have a thought or two to voice. Very early into it, I was lost in the life of the artist, Max Beckmann. The film is packed with intense moments that left me struggling to find the words to express what it is about it that I find so striking. The friend I went with had her own reasons for finding it captivating, and through our conversation, I was able to express and organise my thoughts. I hope this did the same for her.

This is why sharing thoughts can be a great thing! I really think that each of us has a few words that someone else could be looking for, and could need to express a thought or get across an important idea. Share your words, so we can open up vocabulary, make more words reachable, and get a variety of ideas across.
Take the  CWM Questionnaire to share the stories on stories, making other stories that trade stories  to find stories dancing with other stories till they are all part of the story.

S 🙂

Chalking With H: PAN Whaty Who Now?!

Today, I thought I would talk a little about a word that really resonates with me, but a lot of people haven’t heard this word, or have heard it but don’t know what it means exactly. That word is PANSEXUAL, which is how I identify.


It has nothing to do with pots and pans, but it does have something to do with sexuality, and whom I feel I could fall in love with, or have romantic relationships with.

To me, pansexual and pansexuality refers to a sexuality that falls somewhere along a spectrum and is not fixed or stable.

People often ask me what is the difference between a pansexual and a bisexual. To me, bisexual implies being attracted two sexes and/or two genders which excludes all other options of gender identity.

There are many individuals who occupy a third space, who identify as trans* intersexed, genderqueer etc.

For me, pansexuality is about connection and attraction regardless of sex and gender. But to be pansexual you do not have to be in the dead centre of the spectrum you can have preferences for certain bodies, genders etc. but those preferences can change and will not prohibit you from feeling attraction to certain people of all genders and sexes.

Here’s how wikipedia defines Pansexuality.

Are there words that you use that you wish more people knew? Take the CWM Questionnaire today, and let us know which words those are! 🙂



Chalking with H: Building Chalk Confidence

Last week I talked a little bit about shame, and my own fears of inadequacy on the drawing/chalking front! Here’s a couple things I’ve been doing to build my “chalk confidence”. 🙂


1. chalking more, because hey, the more I chalk the more my chalk drawings start to resemble actual creatures/beings/scenarios, and less like silly shapes and smudges- I for one, can see improvement!

2. copychalking – there is nothing wrong with learning by imitation! And letting others (perhaps more experienced chalkers and/or artists) show you what to do.  I hope to learn a thing or two this weekend at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival!

3. Chalking the streets, this one can be intimidating because let’s face it not everyone is out chalking on the sidewalk after say, age 7, but people sure our interested in what you are up to when you take out your chalk in public spaces. It is exciting, exhilarating, if you’re nervous about trying it, convince a friend to chalk the streets with you, (that’s what has helped me the most!! yay teamwork!) and hey, you are never to old (or young) to get creative and have a little fun with CHALK!

My confidence in our project was boosted as we chalked out our sneak peek at Robson Square last night. We were met with many curious looks, and approached again and again, given compliments on our chalkwork and asked questions.

The chalking really is getting everyone talking! Just as we hoped! This conversation about word use, equality, social justice, shared vocabulary, art and chalk is all starting to spread. Join in, talk with us, and chalk with us!

Fill out our online questionnaire, and if you can, come meet us in person and chat with us at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival this weekend!