The Chalk of the Town: Mojaris

Mojari’s from our ‘Put Yourself in Someone Else’s…”  piece, chalked at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival 2014!



The Chalk of the Town: Maasai Sandals

Maasai Sandals, David Lam Park

Maasai Sandals, David Lam Park

Maasai Sandals

Maasai Sandals


”I think people need to understand the culture of the others and respect it. You should not use it to your own benefit, leaving the community – or the owner of the culture – without anything. If you just take what belongs to somebody, and go and display it and have your fortune, then it is very wrong.”
– Isaac ole Tialolo, a Maasai elder leader and chair of the Maasai Intellectual Property Initiative. In conversation with the BBC, he expressed his discontent with organizations that currently sell his culture as a brand.

It is estimated that over 10,000 companies all over the world may be using the Maasai name in their products.
The top 6 of these each have gained over $100,000 in sales over the last ten years, using the Maasai name or aspects of their culture.
“Not a cent of these profits went to the originators of the culture themselves.”

Source: ‘Commoditizing a Culture: The Negative Effects of Branding on Minority Groups’. Business Today, 06.Jul.2014

The Chalk of the Town: Red Stilettos

A couple of hours in a downtown alley later…

Red Stilettos, Downtown Vancouver

Red Stilettos, Downtown Vancouver



Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Stay tuned for the next in our series! 🙂


Chalk Challenge, Week 19

Do you make resolutions for the new year?

Have you made your resolutions for 2014? How are they going so far?
This week, we would love it if you could chalk them somewhere!

Isn't this a fantastic resolution? We think so! :D

Isn’t this a fantastic resolution? We think so! 😀

Share your resolutions with us by commenting here on this post, on our Facebook page, Twitter, or at

More Time for Answers

We’re back!!!!

And we have some exciting news, we’ve decided to extend the deadline of our ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE,  this way we will have more time to circulate it and get more of your awesome answers and feedback! 🙂

Extended Deadline!

Deadline Extended!

If you have not done so already, please take the CWM Questionnaire today, and share the link on your Twitter and/or Facebook so that your friends might take it too!

We have lots of chalking plans for the new year, and are going to start planning a few exciting Chalk With Me events for the summer of 2014!

If you have any chalking ideas, or event suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know. Email us at or message us on Facebook or Twitter!

Look Who’s Chalking: Tim Cook, Apple Executive

In 2013, Out Magazine named Tim Cook the most powerful LGBT person in the world.

Earlier this month, this Apple chief executive spoke about  his experience with different types of discrimination and notes that “all of them were rooted in the fear of people that were different than the majority”.

Have a listen to his take on attitudes towards human rights, and let us know what you think! You can share more of your thoughts with us through our online questionnaire as well 🙂

The Chalk Of The Town: Journey/Safari

Chalk With Me worked its magic in Kenya this week!
We are thinking about the concept of a Journey, or ‘Safari’ in Swahili, and the steps that lead us to new ideas.

Journey/Safari. Diani, Kenya.

Diani, Kenya.

What kind of journey do you feel like you are you on?
Have you taken steps that have taken you to new ideas, different places, unexpected insight?
Each of these may have added to your collection of interesting thoughts. Tell us about them!
We would love to know about these steps, and how they led you to things you have discovered.

Tell us about the steps that have led you to new ideas

Steps on steps

Look Who’s Chalking: WiseTwo, Kenyan Street Artist

The Nairobi-based Street Artist, WiseTwo, is involved in various art projects in Kenya and abroad. With social activism as a strong focus, his art often portrays imagery and messages related to human rights.

Here is his interview with Sarah Kerr of WITNESS, where he discusses ‘Street Art, Video and Social Change’. He talks about how street art can be used as a tool for change, and discusses the intersection of social action, street art and video advocacy. Check it out!

What would you chalk about through non-violent political activism?

“To me, this kind of action is a form of non-violent political activism” – WiseTwo

Chalk Challenge, Week 17

What days do you love celebrating?

Across the globe, there are so many different festivals, holidays and important days to mark through the year. What days are important celebration days to you? Chalk about any day you celebrate! You could write what it’s called, or draw something to represent how you celebrate it 🙂

Celebrations through the year!

Celebrations through the year!

Share your chalking with us on our Facebook page, twitter or at

Chalk Challenge, Week 15

What places need some chalk?

Chalk boldly where no chalk has chalked before…
Well, at least where you have not chalked before!

Where no chalk has gone before

Where no chalk has chalked before

Chalking on different surfaces, at new locations, at different times, can all be very interesting experiences. Try it, and let us know what you learn – share your photos on our Facebook page, or on our twitter, or email them to us at