Chalking With H: Approachable Panda

A huge part of Chalk with Me, is getting people to think and interact! We don’t just want people to chalk with us we want people TALK with us! We want to make you curious enough for you to come ask us, why on Earth are you chalking that? Or, that looks like fun, but aren’t you a little old to be on your hands and knees getting all chalky?! We are not embarrassed, so ask away! We welcome ALL questions and comments.  I know it is cliche, but it is true, there are NO stupid questions!

Even if you are to shy too come say hi when you see us chalking in person, you can always post a question or comment on our website or on our Facebook page or on our twitter or even email it to us at

This is why we are doing this project. It is all about the conversations and the interactions. We want to participate with the public, to invite you to talk about the things you see, the issues we care about, and the ones you are interested in too, the words we want more people to know, the words, vocabulary, and messages we hope to spread through chalk.

Last night I had one of those genuine, heart-warming encounters while chalking that made me feel fuzzy inside and realize this project is doing what we want it to. It is starting conversation. A young man was cycling by and decided to stop to ask about the chalk-in-progress, and take photos of a little panda bear, chalking. He posted this one to our Facebook page-


Photo by Derek Simnett

Usually Shiphrah and I chalk together every Wednesday and on the weekend too, but last night I did the chalking solo, perhaps this made me a little more approachable, or perhaps it was the panda hat. But I sure got a lot of smiles and nods and waves.

And last night, I got some great questions and uplifting conversation too, thanks to this awesome individual (and epic photographer!) Derek, who took the time to stay awhile and ask about my little chalking endeavour. He even shared his own stories of some of the chalking he did for a job once, promotional chalking! We talked about how people don’t get outside enough and do things like this, just interact with the world, with their surroundings, “off screen” embrace the inner child in all of us! And of course, spread love and positive messages through chalk! He thought our project was pretty cool. I thought he was pretty cool, too! 🙂

So next time you see Shiphrah or I chalking, or both of us, come say hi, ask us why! or who or what! Or take cool photos of us chalking and send them to us.

I look forward to chatting with you!