The Chalk of the Town: Rainbow Shoes


Rainbow Shoes

Rainbow Shoes

When did you come out?

When did you come out?


When did you come out?


“Every time I meet someone new.”

“Every job I have.”

“I wanted to, but couldn’t.”

“I was outed without my consent.”

“I’m straight so I didn’t have to.”

Chalky Definitions: Classism



“Prejudice against or in favour of people belonging to a particular social class.” – CWM

The Chalk of the Town: Red Stilettos

A couple of hours in a downtown alley later…

Red Stilettos, Downtown Vancouver

Red Stilettos, Downtown Vancouver



Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Stay tuned for the next in our series! 🙂


The Chalk of the Town: Work Boots

Kicking off our summer series, are these pair of shoes we left at Granville Loop Park:

Work Boots

Work Boots, Granville Loop Park

More details on their way!

Chalk Challenge, Week 19

Do you make resolutions for the new year?

Have you made your resolutions for 2014? How are they going so far?
This week, we would love it if you could chalk them somewhere!

Isn't this a fantastic resolution? We think so! :D

Isn’t this a fantastic resolution? We think so! 😀

Share your resolutions with us by commenting here on this post, on our Facebook page, Twitter, or at

More Time for Answers

We’re back!!!!

And we have some exciting news, we’ve decided to extend the deadline of our ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE,  this way we will have more time to circulate it and get more of your awesome answers and feedback! 🙂

Extended Deadline!

Deadline Extended!

If you have not done so already, please take the CWM Questionnaire today, and share the link on your Twitter and/or Facebook so that your friends might take it too!

We have lots of chalking plans for the new year, and are going to start planning a few exciting Chalk With Me events for the summer of 2014!

If you have any chalking ideas, or event suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know. Email us at or message us on Facebook or Twitter!

Chalk With S: Seat Belt Conversations

What do you tell people you meet on planes?

Travelling by myself means fewer conversations and more listening to the people around me (when I don’t have my headphones on). On my flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt on Friday, I decided to pay attention to the questions strangers asked each other while confined by seat belts for almost half a day. Culture and family seemed to be the top two topics.

Seat Belt Conversations

Seat Belt Conversations

I heard people narrate very personal issues, related to why they were travelling. I know I have had excellent conversations with people, who have given me useful input and fresh perspective in a very short amount of time. Perhaps it is the shared mission of getting from point A-B that lends the sense of having something in common with a stranger on the plane. “Why are you going to place B?” seems to be a kind of shared curiosity.

That shared curiosity combined with a shared destination is what appears to drive the conversation, and allows people to learn about lives different or very similar to their own. I think this could apply to learning processes in general, when information is shared and people work together towards a common goal.

I also noticed that many assumptions about culture surfaced in that space. The kinds of questions people asked each other were telling of their perceptions of what other people’s lives were.

How do you introduce yourself? What kinds of questions do you ask people you meet on a plane, or similar situations?



What Is Chalktivism?

During our meeting last week, we were discussing future chalk messages we could leave around town. Here is a snippet of our conversation:

Shiphrah: I really liked your Art As Activism post!
Heidi: Thanks! I’ve been thinking about how we can make an impact through our chalking.
Shiphrah: Chalktivism!
Heidi: (Gasp!) That’s amazing! Is that a word?! Google it!!

That's what it's called!

That’s what it’s called!

And then we googled.
It seems people have used this magical word before us, but it fits just perfectly with what we’re doing through Chalk With Me: activism through chalk.

We want to spread messages of social justice and equality. We hope to tackle varying issues concerning human rights,  animal rights and environmental justice. We want people to see the chalk, think about the message, and ask us about it if they have questions. This week, a few people expressed an interest in chalktivism and contributing to Chalk With Me. We are excited to spread the chalk further and wider. We need all the help we can get, because we have a lot of ground to cover. We will never run out places to chalk at.

Had you heard of the word ‘chalktivism’ before today? 

Look Who’s Chalking: Jewish Book Festival

This starts today, Nov 23rd, and runs until Nov 28th.
But before you head out, take a couple of mins to complete our online questionnaire 🙂

The Cherie Smith JCC Jewish Book Festival is one of Vancouver’s leading cultural and literary events, attracting a large and varied audience of over 5,000 people of all ages. This highly popular community-wide event brings together prominent and emerging Jewish writers and non-Jewish writers with Jewish interest subject matter in literature, the arts, philosophy, theology, history and current events to speak during this week-long literary experience. Each year programs are selected from the following areas:


Money Chalks!

Chalk for thought

Last week, when we were chalking a giant poem, a lady asked us if we were taking donations. At first, our response was, “no, we are just doing this to raise awareness and spread messages of social justice”. But she was persistent, and insisted that we take the money even if just to go buy ourselves a cuppa tea. As we accepted the money, we decided it would definitely help us out for buying chalk for our future chalking endeavours. She gave us this…

$2.80 - our first chalk donation!

$2.80 – our first chalk donation!

Chalking as much as we do can get a wee bit pricey! So, if you see us chalking and want to donate to our chalk fund, we won’t say no this time 🙂
If you would like to donate money, chalk or other supplies to us, send us an email at and we can talk about it!

To the thoughtful lady who made our night – thank you for our first donation, and making us realise we could use a little help to spread the chalktivism!