The Chalk of the Town: Mojaris

Mojari’s from our ‘Put Yourself in Someone Else’s…”  piece, chalked at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival 2014!



CWM Goes to the Victoria International Chalk Festival (again!)

On September 13th and 14th this year, CWM joined a bunch of incredible chalk artists for a weekend of power chalking on Government Street in Victoria!

We entered the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival for the second year in a row…

And here’s what we chalked:

put yourself in someone else's...

put yourself in someone else’s…

This was the final piece in our summer Shoe Project. If you haven’t already seen the work we did around Vancouver, check our the other shoes we chalked!

Our piece on Government Street

Our piece on Government Street

Details of each pair of chalky shoes to come! Stay tuned! 🙂

Look Who’s Chalking: 3D Chalk Artist LEON KEER

Last weekend at the Victoria Chalk Festival, renowned international 3D chalk artist Leon Keer created a 20 by 20ft 3D chalk art painting at the Bay Centre’s lower level, centre court. Here is a photograph we took of his artwork!


But seeing the piece in real life is even more spectacular, so if you are, or will be in Victoria, BC in the next week or so be sure to check it out! Keer’s chalk painting will remain on display until the end of this month, until September 30th 2013!

Chalk Challenge, Week 5

Over the next few weeks, we are going to chalk all the words that make up ‘equality’ in the CWM piece at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival! This week, we can start by chalking the word ‘Diversity’.



Share your version on our Facebook page , or Twitter. You can also email us at

CWM Questionnaire  🙂

The Chalk of the Town: Snippets!

Here is our piece in full, but we would also like to share some snippets of our work at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival last weekend!

An Idea on a Word Train

Word Skis… Ideas hit the slopes!


Flying Ideas!

Words flying the Ideas in!

copter bike

Biking and Flying to meet each other somewhere… where?

Idea biking on a Word

Idea biking on a Word

Do you have Ideas and Words to share? Let us know here:  CWM Questionnaire :)

Look Who’s Chalking: A bunch of Incredible Chalk Artists at Victoria’s Chalk Festival

Here at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival, all around us, everywhere we look, there is more extraordinary, phenomenal chalk artwork, and friendly, passionate, and dedicated chalk artists getting down and dirty on Government Street (which is one of the main streets of downtown Victoria)!! Most of the artists have been working hard since the wee hours of this morning, but despite having sore hands and knees (at least for those of us who didn’t bring kneepads!) everyone seems quite chipper, cheerful and enthusiastic to be a part of this wonderful festival and share their art with the public.

Here are some photos of a few of our neighbouring artists, and the exceptional artwork they are chalking out all around us!


Chalk Artist: William Zin
From: Long Beach, California


Chalk Artist: Ken Winchester
From: Victoria, British Columbia


Chalk Artist: Jody DeSchutter
From: Lake Country, British Columbia


Chalk Artist: Terri Elverum
From: Surrey, British Columbia


Chalk Artist: Jo Lalonde
From: Toronto, Ontario

Check out Jo’s website: The Chalk Chick for more pictures and information about her awesome chalkwork!

***Note: these pictures were taking mid-day Saturday September 14, and are all still works-in-progress! ***

More updates and photos to come! 😀

Chalk Challenge, Week 4


This week, we’re keeping the Victoria International Chalk Art festival (which starts tomorrow!) in mind. In the spirit of chalking together, we would like you to chalk the word ‘solidarity’ somewhere 🙂


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We’re so excited to get to Victoria and chalk alongside some fantastic artists tomorrow! Stay tuned 😀

Chalking with H: Building Chalk Confidence

Last week I talked a little bit about shame, and my own fears of inadequacy on the drawing/chalking front! Here’s a couple things I’ve been doing to build my “chalk confidence”. 🙂


1. chalking more, because hey, the more I chalk the more my chalk drawings start to resemble actual creatures/beings/scenarios, and less like silly shapes and smudges- I for one, can see improvement!

2. copychalking – there is nothing wrong with learning by imitation! And letting others (perhaps more experienced chalkers and/or artists) show you what to do.  I hope to learn a thing or two this weekend at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival!

3. Chalking the streets, this one can be intimidating because let’s face it not everyone is out chalking on the sidewalk after say, age 7, but people sure our interested in what you are up to when you take out your chalk in public spaces. It is exciting, exhilarating, if you’re nervous about trying it, convince a friend to chalk the streets with you, (that’s what has helped me the most!! yay teamwork!) and hey, you are never to old (or young) to get creative and have a little fun with CHALK!

My confidence in our project was boosted as we chalked out our sneak peek at Robson Square last night. We were met with many curious looks, and approached again and again, given compliments on our chalkwork and asked questions.

The chalking really is getting everyone talking! Just as we hoped! This conversation about word use, equality, social justice, shared vocabulary, art and chalk is all starting to spread. Join in, talk with us, and chalk with us!

Fill out our online questionnaire, and if you can, come meet us in person and chat with us at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival this weekend!


Look Who’s Chalking: The Victoria International Chalk Art Festival

This happened in Victoria, BC last year, and they’re going to do it all again this month! Here are the 2012 festival highlights.

The Victoria International Chalk Art Festival takes place between September 14th-15th, 2013.
See you there? 🙂