Chalk With S: Happy Chalksgiving!

What words are you thankful for?

Today, I am thankful for chalk.

Chalk lets me write, draw, map out ideas…

Mapping out Ideas

Mapping out Ideas

Work it out, change it, update it…

Reshaping words, updating languge

Reshaping words, updating languge

Express it, share it!

Sharing Chalk Space

Sharing Chalk Space

Chalk happily accommodates the fluidity of language, with its constantly changing word definitions and meanings. I am happy to be a part of all this chalk-use!

I am also thankful that you’re reading this, and chalking with us.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 🙂



The Chalk of the Town: Book of Chalky Words

What words would you chalk on one of these pages? Let us know here:  CWM Questionnaire 

Here it is!

Some vertical chalking at Robson Square, Vancouver

Some vertical chalking… 



Word Vancouver, We Will Be Attending!

Last weekend at the Victoria International Chalk Festival was a blast! This week, we will be chalking at Word Vancouver (formerly known as the Word on the Street).

CWM At Word Vancouver!

CWM At Word Vancouver!

The festival will be on from Sep 25 – Sep 29. Here is the schedule.

We are very excited about taking CWM to this event, because it is all about words and encouraging literacy. We would like to celebrate the importance of language use with you, so check out the festival!

Stay tuned to find out where and when we will be chalking!

CWM Questionnaire :)