Chalk With S: Before You Turn The Corner

What goes through your mind as you are about to step into a new space? 

Before you walk towards something new

Before you walk towards some place new

I am sure we all have different questions, fears, levels of excitement and concerns about going to new places. What are yours? How do you feel when you are going somewhere new, or even venturing into a different space with new people?

There are few things I love more than travelling. But, I have to say I do have certain anxieties about how people will respond to me, worries about offending them by saying the wrong thing, or making an inappropriate joke, or just not being informed enough about what is going on there. To summarise, I think my concerns revolve around a fear of being seen as an ignorant and insensitive outsider. This is usually what I am thinking of… along with excitement at the prospect of discovery, of course 🙂

Which of these chalk faces represent how you feel when you come across something new?

We’ll be back on Dec 29th to talk more about Wandering and Wondering!

CWM’s Holiday Season Break

Are you celebrating anything this December? If so, we wish you a very happy holiday season!
We hope you are enjoying our Wander and Wonder theme during this time, and are collecting many questions and thoughts as you check out new places and spaces 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

We will both be celebrating the holidays with our families, and have decided this is a great time for Chalk With Me to take a few days off. We will not be posting from Dec 24th, and will be back with a new post on Dec 29th… keep an eye out for it!

We would still love to hear any stories you may have for us during this time. Send us an email at, or message us on our Facebook page or Twitter. Happy holidays, everyone!

Chalk Challenge, Week 18

What would you fill in this thought bubble?

Thought bubble filled with...?

Thought bubble filled with…?

With everything we are surrounded by, information, people’s ideas, news from around the world, things we learn about firsthand, there are some things we are drawn to or end up focussing on. What kinds of things do you think about the most? What makes it into your thought bubble?

For this week’s chalk challenge, chalk a thought bubble with or without something you think about. 

Share the contents of the thought bubble with us as a comment here on this post, on our Facebook page, Twitter, or at

Chalk With S: A Different Kind Of Souvenir

What matters to you? What matters to other people?

I am in Diani, Kenya at the moment, thinking of all the things I brought here with me. When I travel, I take a lot more with me than just the stuff in my suitcase. Ideas about the place I am going to, what I imagine life to be there, and many other thoughts. I’m sure this is true for you, too. This weekend, we suggested three things to consider while wandering and wondering. Today, I am thinking of another preconception to ask yourself about: what issues or concerns matter?

Thinking of different souvenirs by the beach Diani, Kenya

Thinking of different souvenirs by the beach
Diani, Kenya

I think we all have a sense of things that matter, in terms of social justice, human rights, animal rights, and so on. This is something you can take with you on your travels, as you encounter new places. You may be surprised by how the attention given to some issues varies, in comparison to where you come from. While it is important to note this, and make suggestions, I do not think limiting it to one-way flow of ideas is a good idea. It is also crucial to consider the issues that the people who live there are concerned about. What can we learn from these?

For example, whenever I am in Kenya, I think more about animal rights issues than I do anywhere else. This offers me some fresh perspective, and points to things I should thing about in other places, too. I can then go back to India and Canada (my other homes at the moment), and think about these issues are being addressed there. It’s something I can take back with me and keep; a different kind of souvenir 🙂


Three Things To Wonder About

What new ideas have you found in new places?

Going someplace new can mean new ideas and perceptions. When we plan a trip somewhere, we put together an image of what the place is. This could involve stereotypes and generalisations about culture, for example.

We would like to suggest three things to think and ask yourself about:

  1. Consider your existing perceptions and expectations of a new place. How do you imagine the people to be, live, interact with you? How do you expect the place to function, its infrastructure to be, what you will find there
  2. When you get there, look to see how much the reality differs.  To what extent were you right? Gaining a new, in-person understanding of a place is a great learning experience. 
  3. Look for diversity within the new place, not just in comparison to your point of reference. Try to go beyond the too general image of the place, and instead look for how lives within it differ from one another. Areas within the place are different. There is complexity and diversity to be found, which a single, general image cannot represent.
Look beyond the image you had in mind - so many colours to be found!

Look beyond the image you had in mind – so many colours to be found!

There are many more things to consider, and we are sure you have a few ideas of your own to share with us. What do you think we should look for or think about when going to a new place?