Word Vancouver, We Will Be Attending!

Last weekend at the Victoria International Chalk Festival was a blast! This week, we will be chalking at Word Vancouver (formerly known as the Word on the Street).

CWM At Word Vancouver!

CWM At Word Vancouver!

The festival will be on from Sep 25 – Sep 29. Here is the schedule.

We are very excited about taking CWM to this event, because it is all about words and encouraging literacy. We would like to celebrate the importance of language use with you, so check out the festival!

Stay tuned to find out where and when we will be chalking!

CWM Questionnaire :)

We Chalked The Chalk Of An Isolated Idea!

We are now back in Vancouver after taking Chalk With Me to Victoria for the International Chalk Art Festival this weekend! It was a great space to explore the exchange of ideas, by talking to viewers and artists. Despite the rain, we took our sneak peak a bit further, and would like to share our chalking with you:

Meet this Idea. It is isolated, and is looking for a way out and a place to go…


Isolated Idea

Could language set it free? The Idea seems to think so… a word to the rescue! 


Could this be the way out?

The Idea was right; the Word mobilised it! Other Ideas, too, have been mobilised by words. 


Yes, it could! For other Ideas, too!

Where are these Ideas heading? Well, we would like to see them reach the conversation on Equality. 


Ideas can now join the conversation on Equality!

Sharing language can help ideas find expression, and make their way to the discussion on equality. Chalk With Me hopes to make more of that happen, so Ideas have greater access to words, which work to transport them to where they are valued and needed.  This was the idea we spent the weekend expressing in a more than 10′ x 8′ space!

Please share your ideas with us here: CWM Questionnaire 🙂

Chalk Challenge, Week 1

 We had a blast chalking at a bus stop amidst commuters for The Chalk of the Town this week! The coloured chalk looked fantastic on the sidewalk.

This week’s Chalk Challenge is based on just that:
Get yourself some chalk in as many colours as you can find.


Even if you do not pick up all those colours, let us know how many you find, maybe even with a picture! We would just like you to get your hands on some chalk, very literally.

Share what you find here, on our Facebook page , or Twitter. You can also email us at chalkwithme@gmaill.com.

A heads up: you will need your chalk for next week’s challenge 😉