CWM Goes to the Victoria International Chalk Festival (again!)

On September 13th and 14th this year, CWM joined a bunch of incredible chalk artists for a weekend of power chalking on Government Street in Victoria!

We entered the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival for the second year in a row…

And here’s what we chalked:

put yourself in someone else's...

put yourself in someone else’s…

This was the final piece in our summer Shoe Project. If you haven’t already seen the work we did around Vancouver, check our the other shoes we chalked!

Our piece on Government Street

Our piece on Government Street

Details of each pair of chalky shoes to come! Stay tuned! 🙂


Chalky Definitions: Classism



“Prejudice against or in favour of people belonging to a particular social class.” – CWM

The Chalk of the Town: Work Boots

Kicking off our summer series, are these pair of shoes we left at Granville Loop Park:

Work Boots

Work Boots, Granville Loop Park

More details on their way!

And We’re Baaack!

Did you miss us? Because, we sure missed chalking with you!

But the good news is, we are back & ready for some serious chalking: all summer long! We have our shiny new chalking permit, and are ready to spread some words, ideas, and colourful smile-inducing CHALK ART. So check back soon (and regularly) to see photos from CWM’s chalking adventures, season 2!

CWM Season 2 Begins!

CWM Season 2 Begins!

Chalk Challenge, Week 21

If you won a trip that included transportation, how would you like to start that adventure? By train, car, bus, boat, hot air balloon, helicopter, dragon …?
this is your dream scenario… ready, get set, chalk it!

Would you fly away on a dragon?

Would you fly away on a dragon?


Chalk your dream mode of transport for your adventures and explorations, and share it on our Facebook page, or on our twitter, or email it to us at


Chalk For You

We have chalked and talked a lot about why this project needs all the input it can get from you. Today, we want you to know why we think you could use a bit of chalk in your own life!

Chalk is a great way to deal with all those ideas you have floating around your mind. You could write or draw an idea you have been planning to work on, erase it, chalk over it, smudge it out, chalk over it some more. This could help you work things out – plans, thoughts, things that bother you, things you are passionate about, your dreams for yourself and hopes for things around you 🙂

Chalk to your heart's content

Chalk out all that is on your mind

Chalking in a public space (wherever legal!) is a great way to share a message. We do it every week with out ‘Chalk of The Town’ adventures, and it helps us share ideas in a non-intrusive way. You never know who might see it, and be inspired by it. It could guide someone to a fresh perspective on something, or just give someone something interesting to look at as they walk around town!

Chalk is also a great way to just get creative! Chalking can give you a fun break from all the things you have to do and worry about all day. You can doodle a bit, draw something you found interesting, or incorporate it into creative projects of your own.

Give chalk a chance, and let us know what fun places it takes you 🙂

Chalk With S: Seat Belt Conversations

What do you tell people you meet on planes?

Travelling by myself means fewer conversations and more listening to the people around me (when I don’t have my headphones on). On my flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt on Friday, I decided to pay attention to the questions strangers asked each other while confined by seat belts for almost half a day. Culture and family seemed to be the top two topics.

Seat Belt Conversations

Seat Belt Conversations

I heard people narrate very personal issues, related to why they were travelling. I know I have had excellent conversations with people, who have given me useful input and fresh perspective in a very short amount of time. Perhaps it is the shared mission of getting from point A-B that lends the sense of having something in common with a stranger on the plane. “Why are you going to place B?” seems to be a kind of shared curiosity.

That shared curiosity combined with a shared destination is what appears to drive the conversation, and allows people to learn about lives different or very similar to their own. I think this could apply to learning processes in general, when information is shared and people work together towards a common goal.

I also noticed that many assumptions about culture surfaced in that space. The kinds of questions people asked each other were telling of their perceptions of what other people’s lives were.

How do you introduce yourself? What kinds of questions do you ask people you meet on a plane, or similar situations?