Chalk Fact #16

Have you ever wondered what chalk tastes like? Been so curious that you just put it right in your mouth? Or wiped it on your teeth?

om nom nom, chalk!

I bet you have… and you just didn’t know it!

Because, many toothpastes contains CHALK! Or at least, they contain a very similar compound that is just a little more refined…


Abrasives provide the cleaning power in toothpastes. They give toothpaste a slightly gritty texture designed to polish teeth and remove plaque, food remnants, and stains.

The most commonly used abrasives are hydrated silica, calcium carbonate, aluminum oxides, and various phosphates of calcium, or aluminum. Calcium carbonate is the compound of which chalk is made… so technically you have probably put chalk in your mouth!

hehehe, oh the things you can learn on the internet! Where else do you get your facts?!

Chalk Challenge, Week 7

Here’s your chalk challenge for the weekend, find as many covered and/or dry places to chalk as you can! And chalk the word ACCESS or ACCESSIBLE or ACCESSIBILITY!


And while you do this, think about the word. What does ‘access’ mean to you? What do you have access to, and what are you denied access to? How do you make spaces more accessible? Or how can you. How can we start to make difficult language more accessible?

Then, tell us what you think right here: CWM QUESTIONNAIRE! We want to read all your wonderful ideas and thoughts.



Remember, you can always take a picture of your chalk art and email it to us at

Chalk Fact #6

The longest chalk pavement art ever to be created (and recorded) was 5,600 m (18,372 ft 8 in) long and 2 m (6 ft 6 in) wide and was achieved by over 5,000 students from Jena in Jena, Germany, on 5 June 2009. –Guinness World Records

And we thought our chalk drawing at the Victoria Chalk Art festival last weekend was big! 😛

CWM Chalk Facts

Look Who’s Chalking: 3D Chalk Artist LEON KEER

Last weekend at the Victoria Chalk Festival, renowned international 3D chalk artist Leon Keer created a 20 by 20ft 3D chalk art painting at the Bay Centre’s lower level, centre court. Here is a photograph we took of his artwork!


But seeing the piece in real life is even more spectacular, so if you are, or will be in Victoria, BC in the next week or so be sure to check it out! Keer’s chalk painting will remain on display until the end of this month, until September 30th 2013!

Look Who’s Chalking: A bunch of Incredible Chalk Artists at Victoria’s Chalk Festival

Here at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival, all around us, everywhere we look, there is more extraordinary, phenomenal chalk artwork, and friendly, passionate, and dedicated chalk artists getting down and dirty on Government Street (which is one of the main streets of downtown Victoria)!! Most of the artists have been working hard since the wee hours of this morning, but despite having sore hands and knees (at least for those of us who didn’t bring kneepads!) everyone seems quite chipper, cheerful and enthusiastic to be a part of this wonderful festival and share their art with the public.

Here are some photos of a few of our neighbouring artists, and the exceptional artwork they are chalking out all around us!


Chalk Artist: William Zin
From: Long Beach, California


Chalk Artist: Ken Winchester
From: Victoria, British Columbia


Chalk Artist: Jody DeSchutter
From: Lake Country, British Columbia


Chalk Artist: Terri Elverum
From: Surrey, British Columbia


Chalk Artist: Jo Lalonde
From: Toronto, Ontario

Check out Jo’s website: The Chalk Chick for more pictures and information about her awesome chalkwork!

***Note: these pictures were taking mid-day Saturday September 14, and are all still works-in-progress! ***

More updates and photos to come! 😀